Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yahoo for Yesterday

Woke up and made husband's lunch.
Washed dishes.
Folded and put away laundry.
Ironed the one item in the laundry that needed it.
Made bed.
Went to 10:00 Dr.'s appointment.
Came home.
Put away dishes.
Gathered items I needed for my day at Teen Voices.
Walked to the bus stop talking to my friend Irma. Called Timothy 1st, left message.
Took the bus and subway to Teen Voices.
Arrived at Teen Voices at 12:30
Edited a story on how the media portrays Christians.
Came home.
Called Melissa to confirm plans.
Made dinner.
Washed and put away dinner dishes.
Quick Wii Fit workout.
Catch up on blogs.
Cuddle with husband.

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