Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowy Today

Woke up to snow and closed schools which meant no volunteering at Perkins School for the Blind. Husband made me a nice bowl of pomegranate blueberry cereal. I made husband's lunch and sent him off to work.

With all this unexpected free time, I attacked the house and all those little odds and ends.
Washed dishes.
Put a load of laundry in the wash.
Made soup of vegis, beans and lentils.
Made the bed.
Swept the floors.
Swiffered the bathroom floor.
Dusted the whole house.
Tried to bring the pre-compost out to composter, but composter was frozen shut.
Put the washed laundry on the drying rack and in the dryer.
Call school to find out where class is this evening.
Fold and put away dry laundry.
Clean front hall closet. Select items to give to Thrift Store.
Email Melis with directions to Kick *ss Cupcakes.
Catch up with email
49 minute Wii Fit workout
Off to school

Getting to school was a wet and wild adventure.
I walked to the bus through ice, snow, slush, rain, and freezing rain, fording puddles up past my ankles. Once at Harvard Station, I caught the red line to Porter Square. From Porter I walked to the book store to buy my school books. Putting the books safely inside my most waterproof bag, I began my eight block walk to school. Again, all types of precipitation and crazy puddles, lakes, really.

Safely in the classroom, I put my hat and coat an bag by the heater to dry. Couldn't do anything about my soaked through boots and jeans. Class was amazing. Then the eight block walk to Harvard Station which was slightly less treacherous than the walk from Porter to class. Hopped the bus home and husband picked me up from the bus stop and drove me home.

At home we hung up all our wet stuff and changed into pj's. Husband put jeans in the dryer for a go around. I assembled a dinner of leftovers and washed the empty containers. Dryer finished up and I put away jeans.

I plan to do some Teen Voices work (write powerscopes, brainstorm Girl Talk) and get to bed after a really good day's work.

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