Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Little Birdy Told Me

Thought: Take notice of the little things.
Thought: Be gentle with yourself and others.
Thought: Tread lightly. Don't forget to look down.
Thought: Singing sweetens even the most mundane moments.
Thought: Friends are one of life's greatest benefits.

Three little birdies taught me all of, remind me of all of these things today.

I was standing at the bus stop on a busy road today. I was on the phone with a friend, pretty oblivious to my surroundings. Then I heard chirp chirping, but saw no birds above. They were below, standing beside me talking to each other, singing songs. One little guy kept slipping a bit on the ice, but his two friends were right beside him, propping him up. I just fell in love with those little birdies. They gave me my little dose of magic in the every day.

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  1. I agree completely with your thoughts. Glad I found your blog.