Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunrise Surprise

Thought: If you are looking for magic, just turn around.

My husband and I have two cars, but only one assigned parking space. Winter parking bans insist he park his car across the street in the school parking lot every night November through April. The catch: One of us must get up and move the car back onto the street at 6:30 every morning. Usually my husband does it since he has to get up for work anyway. Recently, I decided I would be the one to move the car on Saturdays and Sundays since my husband works so hard all week long.

I am not at peace with the cold weather or the wee morning hours, but I'm trying to embrace it. Saturday morning was o.k. since I'd been up with insomnia all night long and was pretty much numb to everything, but this morning I was wide awake and feeling it. It was dark and frigid. On my walk to the car I was blind to everything but the cold and the sidewalk leading me to the car. As I fumbled to unlock the doors I asked myself why it was that I agreed to get up early on the weekend and shuffle through the cold in my pj's and slippers to move this silly vehicle. As I turned the car out of the parking lot, I saw the answer that I had my back to the whole time. A flaming red sky. The whole world clear and still and colorless against a magnificent scarlet backdrop. A gift. No more complaining.

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