Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally Friday

Woke up to kitty purring against my stomach and husband rubbing my back.
Got up.
Had cereal while making husband's lunch
Made the bed.
Washed and put away dishes.
Went in the shower.
Started the dishwasher.
Off to drop off husband's car for service and bring him to work.
Drop husband at work.
Go to Michaels to pick up some crafting supplies.
Go to Borders and realize I forgot the books I need to return at home.
Stay at Borders and begin reading and making notes on the book I need to read for school by 2/18.
Go to Starbucks for a hot passion fruit tea and computer time for sketching out my paper due on 2/10.
Go to Staples for page protectors and find awesome blank postcards on sale for 5.00 for a pack of 100.
Go to Irma's for lunch, Marx Brothers movie Duck Soup, and a photo taking walk.
Pick husband up from work.
Make and clean up from dinner.
Put away all dishes.
Catch up on blogs.
Now I plan to do a final push on the Powerscopes and email the final product to Becca at Teen Voices. When I finish that, a quick Wii Workout, maybe some t.v. and bed.

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