Thursday, January 29, 2009

Library Literacy

Idea: Library of Television
Idea: Library of Discarded Books and/or Library of Little Known Authors.

Tonight I stopped at the library looking for books about the history of television, info. on specific T.V. shows (mostly from the 1980's), and biographies of television stars to find photos I could scan and use for an article in Teen Voices. There was nothing. Yes, I know the Library of Congress has a Motion Picture and Television Reading Room, but they charge you for images and they take 3-6 weeks to get the image to you. Not helpful. Plus, it isn't somewhere everyone can go when they are looking for something and I don't think they have anything on Kelly Bundy of Married With Children fame, at least not according to the search I did on their website. So, we need a Library of Television that is housed in a building, but also makes images and other materials available on-line for free. Aren't all libraries supposed to be free?

When I was looking for books about 80's teen stars and shows, I was told by the librarians that once materials aren't relevant to the children they are "discarded". Well, where do they go? I don't know and they didn't seem to know either, but I think all these discarded books should be collected and put in one physical place. Any duplicates received by the Library of Discarded books can be sold and the profits divided equally between the library who sent the book and the Library of Discarded books or something like that.

That led my wandering mind to the idea of a Library of Little Known Authors. I often pick up books on the clearance rack or tucked in a musty corner of an overflowing used bookstore. They are usually rather obscure and are some of the books I have most enjoyed. More people should have the pleasure.

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  1. I agree about obscure authors. I have done the same thing, I'll see a book with an interesting title or jacket, but written by an unknown, and find it to be a good book.