Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Woke up to my Love cuddling close to me and our cat resting on my stomach.
Made bed.
Caught up with blogs.
Activated Etsy store.
Took photos of Etsy items and posted the items on Etsy.
Took husband to go pick up his car from being serviced.
Dropped husband off.
Filled up the car's gas tank.
Drove to Burlington (20 minute drive)and returned books to Borders.
Drove to Waltham (25 minute drive) and dropped donations at the Thrift Store.
Looked for furniture (for our laundry area) at the Thrift Store with no luck.
Drove to Newton (25 minute drive) to do groceries at Trader Joe's.
Drove home (20 minutes).
Put groceries away.
Made chicken pot pie.
Washed and put away dishes.
Washed and put away laundry.
Had dinner.
Watched Life on Mars.
Watched Kinsey (better than I expected).
Played cards.
Quick Wii workout.
I plan to finally finish Powerscopes (deadline Monday)tonight and get to bed.

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