Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying Today

Today was a busy one. I managed to meet a lot of my goals and get a lot of things done.

I woke up and made my husbands lunch. While I made his lunch, he renewed my Flickr account. When he was safely off to work, I did some free-writing. I also edited and tweaked some recently written work.

I took a shower and headed out on errands.

First stop, school where I went to the bookstore to see what books I need for the semester. It was a mob scene with a ridiculous line wrapping around the store. I saw the books I need for my literature class and wrote down titles so I could try and pick them up cheaper on Amazon. I had no desire to wait in line at the book store.

Then I stopped by the Continuing Ed. office for some information on the summer Writer's Conference which I plan to apply to.

Done at school, my plan was to go to Burlington, MA (about a 20 minute ride) to do all of my errands in a pretty contained area. On my way there I realized that I had forgotten the books and the dress I needed to return. Change of plans.

Quick thinking, I hopped off the highway in Waltham where we used to live. It is just a town over from where we live now. I stopped at CVS and Petco to get those errands done. Then I stopped at home for the dress I needed to return and continued on to the Old Navy at Arsenal Mall in Watertown. I'll go to Burlington to return the books and pick up the crafting items I need at Michaels on Friday.

At home I put away the dishes in the drying rack, sliced and baked sweet potatoes, boiled the remaining sweet potatoes for mashing, and cooked sausage for my husband. I ran the dishwasher, put away the dishes that were in the drying rack, and washed the dishes I had created. I neatened up the odds and ends left in the living room from my morning writing extravaganza.

I talked to my sister-in-law to set up a Wednesday night dinner and cupcake date, left a voice mail message for my brother, and talked to my mom. I left a voice mail message for my friend Irma to see if she would like to meet up with me on Friday while I am on errands in Burlington since she lives nearby.

Husband came home. We had dinner.

I looked at buying school books on Amazon. Surprisingly more expensive than the school bookstore. I will go early to class on Wednesday to pick up the books.

The dishwasher finished and I put the dishes away and loaded up the dinner dishes.

Then it was quick Wii Fit workout and blogging fun.

Phew. This blog is already boosting my productivity big time!

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