Monday, January 26, 2009

Seeking Shoes

Idea: Make shoes for women with Lymphedema and other foot swelling issues. Since women with Lymphedema can't wear shoes with any cut-outs, peep toe, etc., have a base that is thin'ish' while still being firm (unlike compression stockings) and provides compression while also blending in with the skin. Build cute shoes around that base. Since Lymphedema often appears in teenagers and many people are living with the disease, there is a market for this.

This is an idea I have had for a long time. I am taking steps to make it a reality.

I have been living with Lymphedema, an incurable disease, in my legs and feet since I was 16 (11 years). I always have trouble with finding shoes that fit and meet all the requirements (must provide ample support and go up to at least the ankle, no cut-outs, no sandals, no Birkenstocks, etc.). In the winter I can wear boots which is easy enough. Summer and Spring is when it gets tough. I usually just buy fashionable, fancy looking sneakers. It is a hassle though. I have had to provide my employer with a medical note saying I have to wear sneakers. It is difficult to find appropriate footwear for formal events. Also, sometimes I just want to feel like a girl and a pair of cute shoes would go a long way in getting me there.

I am currently doing research and getting materials together to some day send out to companies and doctors who can help me make this dream a reality. It would be even more wonderful if a cure is found rendering this idea obsolete.

To learn more about Lymphedema and/or donate money to research for a cure, visit the National Lymphedema Network here.

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