Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sojourn Sunday

Today was a day of sojourns.

First, the husband and I stayed in bed for a while upon waking. We talked while petting the kitty cat who rested on my tummy.

I got up first and got took a little sojourn into internet land. I tweeted on Twitter. Caught up with blogging. Got to work on the silly Powerscopes I can't seem to finish, but keep plugging away at.

Meanwhile, my husband got up and MADE THE BED! How helpful!

Around 12:15, my sister-in-law called to tell us she was on her way over to have lunch. I showered, washed and put away the few dishes in the sink, and folded and put away the dry laundry while husband went out to pick her up at the bus stop. When they got back, I dressed and prepared (i.e. heated up) lunch. Homemade soup and homemade chicken pot pie for sister. Homemade soup and a grilled ham and cheese for husband. Pita bread and hummus for me. There was a quick bit of Wii Fit workout fun. Then we sojourned to Kick *ss Cupcakes in Davis Square so sister could try their Gluten Free cupcakes. Then we dropped her off and saw her dorm room.

Back at home I took a sojourn to the backyard for nature journaling which is required for my class. I also took photos one of which I will post on Shutter Sisters as my "Fresh" photo for the day.

Soon I will sojourn to the couch where my husband and the Super Bowl await. I will bring my laptop with me and finish the Powerscopes and then I will do some reading of Black Elk Speaks.

After that, the sojourn back to bed.

UPDATE: Finished and emailed off Powerscopes. Washed the few dishes in the sink from husbands dinner. Made my dinner and washed dishes from that. Baked sweet potato rounds for later in the week and washed pan. Read a few chapters of Black Elk Speaks.

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