Monday, February 2, 2009

Coin Card

Idea: Swipe cards for parking meters.

I love old fashioned parking meters and the cla-clink as the coin hits the bottom.

I'd actually love to have my own parking meter in my house and maybe use it as a coat rack or something.

Even I, lover of all things vintage and "old-school", have to admit the whole coin in the meter idea is a little impractical.

Today I was running into the store for 10 minutes maximum and I only had a quarter which buys a half hour or an hour of time depending on the meter. The meters in my town take all silver coins. I searched everywhere for a dime or a nickel, but only had a quarter. So, to the next person who parked in my space I say "You are welcome."

If I had a swipe card issued by my town that I could put a certain amount of money on and then choose how much I wanted deducted. Well, so much easier.

For now I'll have to make it romantic. If you are ever in a parking lot and see a girl put a coin in the parking meter and then spin around it like Gene Kelly on a lamppost in Singin' In the Rain, that crazy person is me.

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