Monday, February 2, 2009

Magic Monday

Woke up.
Had breakfast.
Made husband's lunch
Wrote out and mailed postcard to M
Checked email
Caught up with blog
Called and rescheduled dentist appointment
Made dr. apptmt. (3/5 8:15)
Made Bed
Ran dishwasher
Washed dishes in sink
Emptied pre-compost into outside compost
Cleaned oven and racks by hand
Made vegi/bean/lentil soup
Took shower
Saved beginning to burn soup
Put away all dishes (dishwasher and drying rack)
Went to CVS and got toothpaste and milk, but they were out of tissues.
Went to Old Navy and bought a blouse with my 14.99 gift certificate.
Went to bank, but had forgotten check book. Will go tomorrow.
Came home, put away purchases, and went outside to Nature Journal.
Uploaded photos I took today for nature journal and Shutter Sisters.
Posted a picture to Shutter Sisters "One Word Feb." contest
Did a bit of organizational work on my T.V. paper and gathered materials for it
Had dinner with husband
Cuddled on couch talking, laughing, and watching the Food Network
Worked on my pocket pillow while catching up on some dvr'd tv
Read some Black Elk Speaks

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