Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Woke up.
Had breakfast.
Washed dishes.
Caught up with email.
Worked on TV paper due 2/10.
Took shower.
Went to dr.
Came home.
Made bed.
Put away dishes.
Went to TV.
At T.V. edited some articles, did some fact checking, looked through book catalogues.
Long commute (double the time it usually takes) home in the snow.
Husband picked me up at bus stop.
Home. hang up coats and winter gear.
Put away stuff in my bag I lugged around all day.
Put dinner together.
Wash dishes.
Sit with my love and the kitty on the couch watching the Celtics game and sewing.

Plan to spend rest of the night catching up on blogs, posting my One Word February photo to Shutter Sisters, and reading a chapter or two of Black Elk speaks before bed.

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