Sunday, February 8, 2009


Up at 6:00 to go move husband's car from the school to the street
Outside to watch the sunrise and nature journal for 45 minutes
Inside to put away dishes in the drying rack
Call Mom and Dad for first time in a couple weeks
Clean up little things around the house
Finish sewing pocket pillow
Upload photos
Put pocket pillow up in Etsy shop
Update To-Do lists
Update planner
Email neighbors about cat care while we are away next weekend
Print out tax forms with husband
Make husband bacon, eggs, and toast
Wash dishes
Finish reading packet for class
Make Bed
Husband goes grocery shopping while I work on paper for school
Husband home. I put away groceries.
Back to toiling away at paper for school.
Walk to library with husband for fresh air and a book he has been wanting to read
Write two sympathy cards
More paper toiling
Put dry dishes away
Wash husband's hair in the kitchen sink
More paper toiling
Make dinner
Eat dinner
Wash and put away dishes.
Watch T.V. and play Wii games with husband

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